easy tips for freshmen: writing an academic essay

Clarity Is The Key: Make Sure Your Essay Topic Is Understandable To Your Reader

Clarity is important to readers. They need to understand purpose and reasoning behind your work. When you write something and you want others to learn what you know or get the message, they need clear evidence of this in ways they can comprehend. This means you will need to be creative with your thoughts and words, while being detailed and thorough with your information. Here are a few points to consider when thinking about how making your essay topic transparent with solid details.

Check Out Details and Facts First

Whatever your topic is about you need to understand it as best as possible before attempting to write about it. You need to consider what information you need to provide readers so they have a starting point with the topic, or introduction. Then you need to review details that will support your argument or main idea behind the topic. This information is important because it helps readers understand your perspective of the argument. At this point it is like connecting the dots.

Think about Your Reader and What They Should Know

When content is being shared with a reading audience you need to consider details readers need to know. This will put the content in better perspective and it offers necessary information they will need to understand the purpose of your content. You may have various pieces of information you want to include. You need to consider how to organize it, what is most important, and what readers will learn from it. You also need to consider how this information fits with your main idea and how it supports it. You should be able to show how this information relates to one another.

Review How You Will Present Findings and Make Your Presentation

To make sure readers will understand your topic you can write a rough draft and make revisions. This is a good way to review what you came up with for your topic and what information you may need to add or take away. You can review notes you have collected and get an idea if readers will be able to follow your message. You can think about logic presentation of thoughts and ideas. This means you will want to present certain pieces of information first to help readers build their understanding as they continue reading.

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