Composing A Good Outline For An Argumentative Essay In Law

Being able to create a good argument is a skill that will prove useful in life but is imperative to a successful career in law. In this article, we will discuss ways to develop an outline that will help write a compelling essay.

To compose a great outline for an argumentative law essay you first need an argument. Some instructors will provide a set of preset topics for you to choose. This can be helpful as it can help narrow things down. If you are provided a list of topics begin doing research on the topics provided and see how much useful information is available. You don’t want to pick a topic that lacks sufficient data to write a compelling paper.

Other times you are open to choose whatever topic you wish. Do research similar to the research you would do if you were given a list of topics, but you first have to do research to pick a good topic. Begin by looking into what are current popular topics. Even though the instructor is giving you the option to choose, they may still have certain criteria you have to follow. Keep this in mind and you are making your considerations. The same rule applies in reference to the amount of data available. Make sure whatever you pick to be your topic has a more than sufficient amount of data for you to use.

Now that you have picked your topic you can structure your outline. Keep in mind as you structure this outline that when it is time to write the paper it is not an opinion piece but is written objectively with solid evidence. Here is how you should structure your outline:

  • Introduction.
  • Here you will introduce your topic and probably include your thesis statement.

  • Background
  • Within this point, you will expand on the introductory data by giving more details about your topic and more info about the opposing sides

  • Development
  • This is where you will present the evidence supporting one side of the claim. You will need to state the claim here and then begin providing legitimate evidence to support this claim. List the evidence clearly and in a good order to ensure the reader can follow.

  • Opposition
  • In this section, you will provide the opposing side. List the evidence and all of the refuting data clearly.

  • Conclusion
  • In the conclusion, you will restate the claim and reuse many of the aspects of the introduction.

The ability to write a conclusive, well-defined and well-researched outline is an important skill and very useful in the law field. Follow the above points, and you will be well on your way!