Choosing Unique Expository Essay Topics for Sixth Grade Students

Sixth grade students require simple and short essays if the exercise it to achieve its goal. Their writing pattern should also be simple to allow the student to express the ideas required at this level with the least difficulty. How do you ensure that the topic fits students at this level?

Select From Daily Encounters

Sixth graders are not yet aware of complex ideas and issues like international relations, religion, space exploration, etc. To assist them in mastering the skills required of essay writers, it is advisable to choose a topic that they can relate to. Focus on an area they interact with on daily basis. It could range from family to friendship, schools or authority. They understand such institutions and can compile a few paragraphs to express their views. Some of the options in this category include:

  1. Friendship

  2. How to make school lunch better

  3. School holiday

  4. Transport to school

Such topics are fresh on their minds because they interact with them on regular basis. They are curious and learning fast about the details of such issues. This makes it easy for them to complete their essay.

Chose A Single Idea

Though students at grade six can differentiate ideas, their understanding is likely to be naive. However, they can deal with a single issue through an easy. Such an issue should not be too complex for them to understand. Instead, the phrasing of the topic should provide express directions on what is required. Simple ideas allow the student to concentrate on the object of the essay instead of wasting time trying to understand what is required. Some of the finest examples include:

  • A field trip with my classmates

  • My best subject

  • My happiest moment

  • When I was in trouble

  • Playing my favorite game

  • The first thing I do in the morning

  • Make It Exciting

    Sixth graders would rather spend time playing than writing essays. The best way to get them writing is to find something they will be interested to share. Identify areas that would be of interest to them. Such areas include:

  • How we won the last competition

  • My favorite musical instrument

  • The best moments of last holiday

  • The first time to watch a movie

  • My favorite TV program

  • A simple and straightforward essay topic will always produce the best in each student. It is enjoyable and will assist them master writing skills. You may also ask the students to come up with their own topics.