How To Get Free Essays Online: A Guide For Beginners

Getting help with essay writing can be difficult when you’re sticking to a budget. It’s even harder when you can’t spend any money at all on your search. Fortunately, there are still options you can try that cost nothing at all. Keep the following in mind:

Have your rubric on hand

A rubric is a set of specific instructions that help you complete your assignment properly. With a rubric you can tell if the essays you find would meet the standards your teacher expects you to reach. This can help you eliminate substandard essays quickly. It can also help you pick out the best essays you come across.

Get a good essay sample

If you can’t find a rubric, having a good essay on hand can be almost as good. You can compare any essays you come across to it and decide if they are worse, just as good or better.

Have a trusted second opinion available

Sometimes we can lose our objectivity and start to think that the place where we found one good essay will automatically lead us to several more of good quality. It helps to have access to a good second opinion so that this mistake becomes harder to make.

Be specific in your search

You can use inverted commas to ensure that your results only list items that contain all of the words you specify. This helps you to find only essays of a certain format if that’s what you need. It will save you time that would otherwise be wasted searching through unrelated essays.

Avoid less reputable sites

If a site seems to be poorly put together and contains several grammatical errors, you can move on without investigating further. It’s unlikely to contain essays of the calibre you need.

Accept good reviews from trusted sources

If you know people who are accustomed to seeking out essay samples online, ask them where they usually look. This can save you a considerable amount of time because you will learn from their mistakes without reliving them.

Don’t forget paid academic writing sites

Even paid sites have some free features. Look for the sample section and read as many essays as you like. They’re likely to be representative of the best work the site’s writers can produce.

With these tips, even beginners can find the help they need quickly.