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20 Original College Argumentative Essay Topics To Choose From

An argumentative essay is supposed to have a bold tone and needs to convince your readers to your stance by using strong major arguments supported by concrete examples and valid supporting evidence. An argumentative essay is different from a descriptive or explanatory essay because writer does not only have to explain the given subject but also needs to convince his readers of his views. It is important for your arguments to be based on strong logics and supporting evidence. You cannot simply argue on something based on mere opinions and personal experiences. You need to stay very objective while attempting such an essay. Even if you want to include a personal experience, it should be only to add value to your paper and help your readers relate to the situation. It is very important to stay away from any kind of biasness when you write an argumentative essay. Due to this very reason, you need to be very careful while choosing the topic of your essay. The topic of the essay lays foundation for the rest of the paper so it needs to be very well thought out and precise. Do not choose general topics and pass sweeping assumptions about a certain subject. You need to develop an engaging, unique, precise and concrete topic so that you can base the rest of your essay on it

Here are top twenty argumentative essay topics that you can use in your essay

  1. There is a difference between drug use and abuse but people do not see it
  2. The liability of the company is to the employees and vice versa
  3. In manufacturing industry, the aesthetic aspect of the product is as much important as its functionality
  4. A planner cannot ignore any of the four P’s while developing the marketing strategy for a business
  5. Retro was a better era than the fashion today
  6. Gambling should be banned across all states and cities
  7. E-cigarettes cause as much health issues as normal cigarettes
  8. A walk to remember was a super hit
  9. Some celebrities never age
  10. The secret to healthy living is an organized life
  11. We are what we eat
  12. Man mad wonders or troubles
  13. Science and religion go hand in hand
  14. Physicians can prove the existence of God
  15. Narcissism is very common but diagnosed rarely
  16. It is okay to be abnormal
  17. Living ordinary
  18. Beauty is not only skin deep
  19. Lying or manipulating the truth
  20. Man cannot survive without the technology

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