10 Interesting Ideas For Short Story Essay Topics

In order to find a topic that will actually sustain your interest, you should start by scanning your textbooks and any class readings that you have been assigned. Look for ideas that are interesting to you and stand out. Try and draw upon the things that you've recently seen on television or read in a magazine. If possible, think about something that's relevant to your life. If you are writing a paper and your parents divorced when you were a child, you might be interested in the effects of divorce has on each member of the family. If one day you want to have a career in politics, you might be able to use that as a starting point for your paper , allowing you to find information out about your potential career while also earning a high-grade in class. If you have a particular interest in a certain place or a certain hobby, that might also make for a sustainable and interesting topic for your next assignment. Think about something in your daily life that you want to learn more about. Do you have a fascination with painting and you always wanted to learn more? Do you want to study abroad next year? All of these things will allow you to pick a topic that will teach you something you might be able to use in the future.

If you have an essay requirement of five pages only, you will not be able to complete full review of veganism in just five pages. That means you will need to reduce the topic to something more manageable such as the growth of veganism in the 1970s in California.

Consider the following:

  1. Write about a main character, or who you think is the main character. Write about what character you personally identify with and why.
  2. Write about which character in the short story you identify with the least
  3. Explain the story from the perspective of a psychologist
  4. Write about a point in the short story where a decision was made and what the reasoning behind the decision was, as well as what consequences took place because of the decision
  5. Write about two characters who have a relationship in the story, and explain the importance of their relationship and why, in your eyes
  6. Write about the main themes in the story and how the author portrays them
  7. Look at what writing style is used by the author and whether it is distinctive to the author or to this short story
  8. Is there a lesson made by the main character throughout the journey? Is it a story of self discovery or is it intended to be something the reader can benefit from
  9. Compare the short story with another you have read and how they relate or can relate to one another
  10. Write about a theme in the story compared with a current even or current popular film and how they relate