Basic Characteristics Of A Winning College Compare And Contrast Essay

There are certain things that make-up a great paper. The bottom line is to write with originality. You will want your paper to stand out from the rest of the class. This is done by putting in the time and effort needed. Professors can tell when a paper has been written in a cram session. This article will give the basic characteristics of a winning college compare and contrast essay.

  1. Your introduction should start off with an exciting and motivating sentence. Keep in mind that your introduction is what crosses the reader over from reality to your story. They should have a full understanding of the theme you are writing on.

  2. To get this type of beginning try writing your body first. This will contain all the best and interesting material. You can write the theme so it blends with the rest of paper. It is the start of positive flow to your writing.

  3. The audience are well-educated and informed individuals. They will pick-up on a paper that was just thrown together no matter the grade. Write so that the work shows time and effort. This style of paper is dealing with mostly theory. Answer the opposing questions in a complete manner. This shows you anticipated the questions when you tear holes in their objective.

  4. Set up a set of questions that you ask the audience in a moment you feel they will hit home the most. These questions should be asked so there is only one way to answer. That is by having them actually answer so it sides with your point-of-view. This will make it hard for them to contradict themselves.

  5. Know your material by reading and practicing it over and over. It will be noticed when you do not need to continuously fall back on the paper to rundown the material. The right attitude and emotion can win the audience over in a positive way. Practice your delivery of information. You do not want to stop and stumble over each section. Keep a nice tone in your voice and smile on your face.

  6. Think of your work as being a lawyer in court. You must convince the audience that your evidence is the only way to look at the situation.

  7. The conclusion is like the introduction. The only difference is that your work is crossing the audience back from the story to the present.

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