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How To Choose Good Extended Essay Topics In Biology

An extended essay is a special kind of essay. This is not only because of its length, but also its format. It’s written more like an essay research. The basis of the extended essay in biology is based on an actual research that has been carried out. It’s more of a dissertation. Writing a dissertation is based on a thesis prompt that either be assigned to you or chosen by you. In the event you need to write a paper on a biology topic, there are a lot of things to put into consideration before you choose your thesis prompt. These factors include the following:

Subject choice

Biology is quite a large subject to study. Therefore, you don’t just embark on a research from nowhere. You need to carefully choose a topic that you will carry your research on. The subject to investigate must have some significance to you. It should be one that you are more likely to specialize in. Choose a subject that you have prior knowledge of, so that you can easily have an easy time preparing on how you will go about the topic.


You should choose the prompt to use in your work. The topic should be directly concerned with the research that you are going to carry out. It should outline what the reader should expect in your work. The topic should most likely be in the form of a question as this is a research you are carrying out. You should research all round the subject you wish to write about and try and find out the most suitable topic for it and if you are out to improve on a certain topic that was investigated before. You can easily have the same topic in your work.


The first thing you need to put into consideration before choosing a topic to pursue, you need to carefully look at what you are engaged with at the moment. You need to weigh your responsibilities and see if you have the time for the topic that you choose. This is because some prompts will have you do the research for quite a longer time than others. Also, the type of research you carry out can significantly affect your responsibilities as some of them require a lot of movement. Therefore, in case you are responsible for a lot of things, you need to choose a topic that allows you to research while in the comfort of your own home or a very close proximity to where you are needed.

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