Where Can I Find Good Analytical Essay Topics?

Analytical essays are one of the most difficult kinds of assignments, and finding a proper topic is often a part of this writing challenge. Use the following ideas to discover good analytical essay topics.

    Search the Internet.

    Look for lists of best analytical essay topics on the Web. It is an easy way to discover suggestions that can become a starting point for your imagination. If you are concerned about many other students also discovering these lists and maybe even choosing the same topics to write on, modify your selected topic so as to make it more individual. For example, if a topic on the list reads “The qualities that make a charismatic leader,” choose a particular well-known politician in your country and analyze his or her personality to understand whether this individual has the typical features of a charismatic leader.

    Browse the library for essay examples.

    If you already have a vague idea of what you want to write about (maybe an idea from hot topic lists), browse your college or university library for essays on this topic. If you discover one or more, read them. Determine whether you like each author’s approach to analyzing the issue and what you would have done differently. For example, another student might explain that Christmas holiday is so important for us today because of its religious meaning, while you think that for most people it is rather a family-uniting holiday. Write an essay where you analyze the same subject from a different point of view, and it will still stand out.

    Consult essay writing handbooks.

    Check whether your academic library has any guide books on essay writing. These books are a great source of sample topics, brainstorming tips, and recommendations on how to write this kind of essays.

    Ask your friends about their topics.

    One possible way of discovering a good analytical essay topic is by process of elimination. Ask your friends what they are going to write about. List their suggestions, and think of a topic that is close to none of these.

    Get your tutor’s advice.

    If you have exhausted all your possibilities to select a good topic, ask your instructor for advice. He or she must know lots of analytical essay topics that are relevant to your course and interesting to read about.

Examples of Good Analytical Essay Topics

  • The importance of teamwork skills for students.
  • Causes and effects of Earth’s surface changing over years.
  • The origins of industrial revolution.
  • The role of NGOs in solving the problem of global poverty.
  • The controversy around Darwin’s theory.