easy tips for freshmen: writing an academic essay

Effective writing techniques for crafting an A+ essay

If you want to write an A+ essay, you want to put some extra special work into this You’ll need to research your essay – unless it is a memorable experience essay – a memorable experience is like a significant experience essay, and it discusses an experience which changed you as a human being, that turned you into a more mature, thinking, feeling human being than you had ever been before. The memorable experience essay, therefore, is one of the few essays you will ever write which requires absolutely no research, where the teacher wants to see your creative prowess with the narrative essay form.

What Will you need to Craft an A+ Essay Most of All?

What quality will you need to craft a great essay more than any other? First, you need time. Time is often the chief creator of essays. Unlike other subjects that just require you to simply rush through a set of questions on a chapter, or to rush through a series of, say, math equations. But good, especially A+ writing, takes lots of time. Time to write, time to research scrupulously, time to write, to read, to ponder, the crucial part of letting an essay sit called “simmering,” and then return to it after a time to see what else you want to say and so you can have fresh eyes to see all your errors, to correct them, and make any other changes that you might need. Also, you need time to proofread and have time to research your grammar, if necessary, and improve it.

Writing well, writing structurally

  1. Make sure you have all the elements of an academic essay: an intductory paragraph with a thesis statement at the end, body evidence paragraphs full of researched, solid evidence in quotes, paraphrases – with citations, and your own sentences as well – and a conclusion.
  2. Make sure you have good research from reputable sources.
  3. Write well as you can. Do not try to write it all at one sitting.
  4. Return to your research if you see things to add now.
  5. Let the essay sit for a time after you reach the conclusion.
  6. After you finish the essay, let it sit for two days.
  7. Return to the essay and read through it to mark any improvements you can make.
  8. Revise and proofread.

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