Where to Find a Solid Narrative Essay Example

With a narrative essay, students must write a story about a personal experience. Narrative essays basically provide a window into the students life. They may include a reaction to a particular event or conclude with a moral to the story. Although these essays are normally short, they can be difficult to write for many students. Before getting started, students should find narrative essay examples that can help them format their paper. Although they cannot copy someone else's essay, these examples can show students how the essay should be structured.

Making it Personal

When writing a narrative essay, students should make sure that their essay is based on their life. The student should consider some of the experiences that have shaped their personal life and outlook on the world. Many writers utilize a story about a traumatic or difficult time in their life. This allows them to show the reader how they overcame adversity and became the person that they are today. Since the essay is personal, it will normally be written with a first-person point of view.

Sequencing Events

Before winning the state tennis championship, the athlete probably spent years in training and waking up early for a day on the court. Starting with the result can confuse the reader and hide the message of the essay. Students should work to create a logical piece of writing that has a structured order. This allows the reader to spend less time reconstructing the story and more time understanding it.

Avoid Boring Narrative

The reader of a narrative essay needs to come away with a better idea of who the writer is. They must understand how the writer arrived at the conclusion and how the story shaped their life. In general, the narrative essay thrives on conflict. Evocative characters, a clash of ideas or a down-and-out story make excellent fodder for the essay. By using conflict, the writer ensures that the reader is interested in reading the essay and pays attention. At the end of the essay, a conclusion should be used that neatly wraps up the entire topic.

Utilize Examples

Typically, narrative essays are popular for scholarship essays and college admissions applications. Due to this, many students never have to write a narrative essay until they apply to school. Most students have also never read these types of essays. In order to achieve the highest grade possible, students must familiarize themselves with good examples of a narrative essay.

While students read through the examples, they should highlight and take notes. They should consider what the writer did well in each essay and how they could have done better. After reading several narrative essays, students will have the background that they need to write their own essay.