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Essay Topics For Fahrenheit 451: Ideas From A+ Students

Writing an essay of any type needs to have a certain format and follow a certain set of rules. When you are writing an essay you need to have three essential components. You need to have an introduction, body and conclusion. If you are missing any of these parts, your essay will be useless.

The introduction should include the topic sentence of your essay. It should also prepare your reader for what the rest of the essay is going to cover. Sometime it is wise to try to state something that will make the reader want to continue reading.

The body of your essay should have at least 3 main points that prove what your topic sentence is saying. Many times it is better to have more than three but three is the minimum. Each paragraph of the body should cover one of the main points. Make sure each paragraph has a main sentence and then a few sentences after that explaining each main sentence.

Your conclusion should reiterate your topic sentence to your audience. It should also tie together your entire essay by reminding the readers of the main points that substantiated your thesis statement. You should also leave your readers with something to think about so they just don’t walk away and forget what you have written.

Here are some essay topics for Fahrenheit 451 that you can use to create a great essay:

  1. Do Mildred and Montag have the typical marital relationship? Compare their relationship to the “normal” family of today.

  2. How is Montag affected by Clarisse? Do you think she had a good or bad effect on his life?

  3. Is there a correlation about what happened in the novel to what may be happening today?

  4. Analyze a character of your choice in the novel.

  5. Is there any significance to the fact that there are no females alive at the end of the novel?

Use the procedure that is described above to create an essay on this novel using one of the above topics. You can obviously choose a different topic if you wish but these are some interesting ones that help you understand the meaning of the novel. Make sure you use many examples directly from the book to substantiate your essay. This will give validity to your writing and make your essay more meaningful.

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