Best Essay Topics for College Students: Impress Your Teacher 

Your essay is due in a few days, but you haven’t come up with the topic yet. Such a state of affairs isn’t good, and you should look for your topic in all possible sources. Look through newspapers and magazines, browse the Internet, and talk to your friends. Remember that it should be something you are excited about or worried of, or something you are eager to research and discuss. Moreover, it is desirable that your essay be memorable for your teacher. Raise a new issue or take a fresh look on something that is widely accepted. The following topic ideas might come in handy, or at least push you towards a topic that is “especially yours.”

  1. How does the media influence our world outlook?
  2. Think whether we really cannot help being unbiased in our attitudes towards all world events because of the constant influence of newspapers, radio, and TV. Perhaps it is better that we stop this impact. How can we do it?

  3. Ecotourism is harmful to the environment.
  4. Is ecotourism or green tourism rightfully called “eco”?

  5. Sports support violence.
  6. Support your point of view; give examples. What can be done about it?

  7. Genetic engineering is a very promising scientific branch.
  8. Usually, the cons of genetic engineering are discussed; think of the pros.

  9. Should the Internet be censored?
  10. State your position and provide arguments on why you support this opinion.

  11. The right for privacy is not respected nowadays.
  12. Explain what limits are set for employees today.

  13. Give an example of one gadget you cannot imagine your life without. Explain.
  14. Robots and world poverty: how are these two notions interconnected?
  15. People make progress nowadays without any college degrees.
  16. Think of examples. What are the main qualities that are highly appreciated these days?

  17. Are there any excuses for terrorists’ activities?
  18. Come up with the reasons why one may become a terrorist.

  19. Illegal immigration: does it have any positive impacts on the economic development of a country?
  20. The media and stereotypes.
  21. Deny some of the generally accepted thoughts about the media.

  22. Should free social networking websites like Facebook be forbidden?
  23. Think of the reasons.

  24. Study abroad programs do no good for students.
  25. Narrate the negative influence these programs may have.

  26. It is obligatory that everybody learn a foreign language.
  27. Provide the pros of knowing at least one foreign language and support your position with sound examples.

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