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Academic Writing Lessons: A List Of Powerful Essay Topics On Global Warming

Global warming is probably one of the most controversial topics being debated today. Here are ten powerful essay topics on global warming

  1. Global warming took my front yard
  2. In many coastal areas around the world, there have been reports of rising sea levels claiming parts of the land. Historically, coastal areas have been used for development because of easy access to the oceans, could this same benefit now be a contributing factor to our demise?

  3. Our lives on Earth
  4. All living creatures spent most of their ancestry trying to better adapt to the conditions of their environment to better enable them to survive, This is often a slow process taking places over generations. The effects of climate change as documented by those who support the idea, are a rapid and extreme change in environmental conditions. It is said that many species are going extinct as a result of Global Warming’s rapid changes.

  5. Global Warming Hoax
  6. There have always been people who dedicate their lives to natural living and nature protection from human effects. Many of the reasons cited to support the concept of climate change indicate that modern industrialization is the cause. There are groups convinced that global warming is not real, but instead a hoax designed to undermine the power and importance of the large industrial companies like oil and gas. Who would benefit most from creating a such a hoax?

  7. Earth vs Progress
  8. Progress is the driving force behind society, countries, government. As a result, collateral damage is common in everyday strides for progress. Waterways are obstructed to install hydro electric generators, forests are cleared or obstructed for agriculture, housing and roadways. Could it be that global warming is also being tucked under the rug as another form of collateral damage?

  9. Earth’s Natural Cycle
  10. There have been intensive studies into earth’s development history. Studies of earlier lifeforms give a good representation of the constituents of the air as well as the the ambient temperatures of the earth at different time periods. Various studies by various groups of scientists seem to indicate the earth usually goes through changes in temperature and based on the patterns, we are well on schedule for rising global temperatures. Some may use this as solid evidence to indicate that the cause of higher worldwide temperatures is not humans at all.

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