Writing an essay may very well come under the broad topic of “writing” as I have heard many individuals say but I would rather differ because this so called “simple writing” comes with a lot of effort and work into producing a quality document. Writing doesn’t only mean putting random words together and expect to get good ratings and standards because at the end of assessing a written document, there is only left to the reader to figure out the misunderstanding and confusion.

In order to produce a quality document, an individual must have strong base ideas for which they will write their details around. But most importantly, the topic is like the foundation of the research because it directs an individual as to what exactly they should seek information on. Topics though are not seemingly easy to come by at all times and as such, one must have ways in which they instruct their mind to develop a good topic.

Ideas to develop a good essay topic

  • Have a group discussion
  • Not every individual have the same ideas when it comes to developing and building on a strong conversation. Having different ideas in a conversation sets the space for a writer to develop key points to discuss between opinions and to which would most credit go. Making a comparison between two opposite point/ideas is a good base to line an essay and be able to research and develop strong points.

  • Suggested topics
  • A simple questionnaire is a good way to receive suggested topics which can allow an individual to develop counter points on information received. Given ideas from other individuals, a writer can base related questions on such topics in the form of a questionnaire and receiving the data can prove whether points are agreed upon or disagreed thus creating the space for a “tag” war explanation through writing.

  • Inspiration
  • Whether through meditation or through random nature walks, an individual can develop points which in turn may result in a developed idea of counteraction. Not like an agree-disagree war but more of a comparing the positives and negatives of a random object that crosses the mind or that which an individual has come across during their daily activity. Inspiration is a wide topic on its own and a writer can draw inspiration from any and everything because once there is a presence of object in physical touch or mental touch, ideas can be developed.

  • Reading a lot
  • Printed documents can be a base idea for an essay development. A writer may draw ideas from another writer (not through plagiarism) but simply ideas that can perk a conversation whether casual or fiery base on agreement or disagreement of points made. Writers can reply at free will to information presented with points to either relate to that which was first documented or against with backup information to build a strong baseline.

  • Listening/watching audios and videos
  • Developing points and ideas from an audio or video clip is a good way for a writer to be able to build a strong base for comparison between two or more opinions. Connecting and diagnosing two ideas can lead to further research which can be a good foundation to outlining the strengths and weaknesses of a given point.

With the given points and ideas from each of the following, a writer can know exactly what to be a headline for a written document based on the information presented.