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How To Write An Essay Thesis Statement: Guide And Examples 

Writing an essay is one of the most assigned tasks to student across the world. They need to attempt these assignments since very young age like primary school. In early age, students do not need to write thesis statements or any complex structure in their essay. They only pen down a few sentences about the given topic. When students promote to higher grades they learn about different forms and types of essays. They need to follow a proper format and structure and develop the right tone in order to complete their paper. A thesis statement is not mandatory part of your paper. If you want to have one then you need to include it in the beginning of your paper like in the introduction paragraph. Start by introducing the topic and include the thesis statement by the end of the paragraph.

A thesis statement is very important part of your paper. This represents what your paper is about. Students often wonder what actually a thesis statement is. It is a statement of one or two lines that shows the focus and purpose of your paper. It is the answer to the question, what is the aim of your paper or what do you want to achieve with this paper. This should be precise and brief. One thing you need to keep in mind is that this statement should define the overall scope of your paper. Do not choose a statement that is open-ended or broader than your real subject does. You need to be able to cover your entire thesis statement in the rest of your paper. Similarly, the thesis statement should not be too narrow that it restricts you to write about your paper freely.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that this statement should not be a statement of fact. It must have some argument to it. It should be something that people can agree or disagree to. You need to develop the interest of your readers in your essay through this statement. It must have some logic and argument to it.

The best way to write a thesis statement is to define the purpose of your paper in a sentence or two. When you have done that you can edit the sentence and phrase it in a way that seems appropriate. Make sure that this statement is free of any spelling mistakes, typos or grammatical errors.

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