How To Obtain A Custom Essay Example For Free

Why Using a Custom Essay for a Model is a Great Idea

There are all kinds of bad ways to get an essay for “pay” – which you want to avoid like the plague. However, there is nothing wrong with trying to find a free essay on the web which can inspire you to write your own.

The great thing about viewing model essays on the web is that you can see an essay all mapped out, with an introductory paragraph, a thesis statement, the body of evidence paragraphs, and the conclusion – all laid before you for you to use as a strict guide for form.

The other great thing about finding free essays on the web is that, if your assignment is a research paper, you can look at the free essay as guides to doing documentation styles such as APA, MLA, AP, Harvard Style, or Chicago style.

What to Look for In a Model essay

So what do you look for in any essay you find that you are considering using for an example. Well, before you use it as a model, you want to make sure they are a good writer? Yes? You will want to look for a strong, guiding thesis statement somewhere around the ending of paragraph one or two.

Finding Custom Essay Examples for Free

The best ways I know of to find custom essay examples on the internet, where you do not have to pay (highly unrecompensed), is to seek out quality student essays on the web.

One good way to find essays that are good are what I call the “award” trick—award winning high school essays –particularly research papers that have won an award, because these will be written on more of a basic, introductory level where you can clearly see all the aspects of the research paper or essay example easily—you will be able to spot their introductory paragraphs, evidence paragraphs, the thesis statement – all very clearly.

Also, you will want to seek out university writing centers. Writing centers will often have examples of very well composed student papers. They will often have several of these in all the kinds of documentation styles that a teacher might assign such as APA, MLA, Harvard, or Chicago style.

There is nothing wrong at all in reading other student essays to motivate you to write one of the best papers you can write.