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Helpful Instructions On How To Write A Cause And Effect Essay Outline

Essay writing is bound by rules and this is always informed by the fact that there are different types of essays that require varied approaches if you must get it right from the start. When writing a cause and effect essay, it is imperativ that it draws on a logical and relational argument. This means, one thing leads to something else happening and hence, deriving a logical conclusion depends on what phenomenon you have picked on as your cause. This will definitely give you a rough idea of what effects will likely occur at the end of your write-up. Well, cause and effect essay writing is arguably one of the easiest and in this article; we take a nose dive into some helpful tips that will undoubtedly help your come up with the best cause and effect essay outline.

A relational thesis statement for introductory part

If your cause and effect essay draws on why people used to wear hides and skins for clothing and what caused them to stop doing that, this should help you formulate a researchable thesis statement to get you started. On its part, a thesis statement in the introduction will be instrumental towards letting readers have a first clear grasp of what you intend to talk about and it should be simple and precise. It should be comparative of the past and the present trends or phenomenon. Clearly state what the essay seeks to espouse at the end of the day.

Explanation of “The cause”

The outline should them proceed to talk mention something briefly on the cause. Taking on the example we gave above on why skins and hides are no longer worn as clothes, analysis of situation as it was them is pivotal. This should be chronological. It should trace how time has had a major influence on the cause as well as what conditions and factors occasioned the change.

Explanation of “The effect”

For every action, there is a reaction and this hold true for a cause and effect essay writing. In your outline, explanation of the cause should then be followed by what effects have been witnessed. Look at possible consequences that have been occasioned by a transition from skin and hides as clothing to modern day clothes made from fabrics. The next part of the outline after this will definitely be a general conclusion that draws on the relation between the cause and effect.

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