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Where To Look For An Example Of A Personal Response Essay

Writing any type of paper should be preceded by reading enough samples of that kind of paper. The content of a Personal Response Essay depends on the personal view of the author. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you should have the same opinion and view like the author. That’s why it is called a personal response. There are two main characteristics that make the personal response paper different from the other papers. These are:

In order to be able to write this type of a paper, you should read several examples, but the question is: Where to find samples of personal response paper? There are several places to look for:

  1. School library

  2. Ask for your tutor/ teacher

  3. The Internet

School library

This is the place where you can find reliable papers. School library is a good source of papers, that are probably reviewed by teachers, and that’s why they are reliable.

Look for a book with samples, or only samples by other students, they will be really helpful.

Ask your tutor/ teacher

This is a good advice, but not all teachers and tutors are willing to give you a sample paper. They will give you some advice regarding the structure, but as long as you don’t see a finished work, it will be abstract to you, unless you are good at writing and meet your teacher’s/ tutor’s expectations without reading any samples.

The Internet

This is probably the least reliable source, but you can find a lot of essays there. Consider only pages of universities and schools. Talking about these sites, you can look for your online school library prior any others. You can find vast number of examples of papers on the Internet. Be picky and selective in order to avoid reading junk.

No matter the source you choose, it is important for you to start from your teacher/ tutor, then continue with your school library and leave the Internet last. You will definitely find good samples this way.

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