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Macbeth is the central character from the great play writer and tragedy king of perhaps all-time across the world William Shakespeare’s tragic play “The Tragedy of Macbeth”. The play “The tragedy of Macbeth” is essentially a love story at its core portraying the love between the lead pairs of the play Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. The play is considered as one of the best and most strong and powerful work and creation of William Shakespeare and strongly depicts the effect of psychological obsession and political ambitions combined together for fulfilling one’s dreams and ambition can destroy everything around a person’s lives if the man chooses to shake hands with evil power for fulfilment of his or her dreams. The drama is said to be written sometime around the year 1606 and it is also said that Shakespeare drew the inspirations to create the character of Macbeth and the play from some real life events that happened in the lives of the then King of Scotland. The tragedy of Macbeth depicts he journey of the central character Macbeth- who is at the opening of the play is shown as one of the trusted general of King Duncan-the present King of Scotland and later becomes the King of Scotland himself.

As the story of Macbeth unfolds, it is shown that Macbeth after winning a major war while returning to his kingdom meets three witches who prophesize that Macbeth will be made first the Thane of Cawdor and thereafter he will be the king. Macbeth at first does not believe in the prophecies but when a king’s messenger informs him about his new title and crowning as the Thane of Cawdor , Macbeth becomes upright ambitious and starts nurturing the dream of becoming the King of Scotland. These ambitions turns Macbeth from an able general to a cruel, ambitious man who with support from his wife Lady Macbeth kills King Duncan and causes his son to flee to England and assumes kingship. Follows are a fleet of manslaughter activities which to much dismay to his own family and to his people establishes him as a tyrannical king. Sometimes later, those three witches arrives again and make some other prophecies indicating Macbeth’s fall from power. The play ends with the beheading of Macbeth by the rightful owner of the throne of Scotland.

The character Macbeth is a perfect example of the fate of humans who harbor and nurture political and cruel ambitions fuelled by others and places and prefers them above their own conscience.

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