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Free Compare And Contrast Essay Topics: 20 Great Writing Ideas

Students start writing essays at a very young age and continue writing them until the end of their educational careers. The type and length of these assignments vary as they promote to higher grades. A compare and contrast essay requires the students to look at different aspects of the same subject or compare two different subjects. They are easy to write, as the students have to find the similarities and differences between two subjects or compare the advantages and disadvantages of a same topic.

Students often find it hard to choose the right topic for their paper. This is critical because the topic decides everything about the paper. It lays the foundation of your essay and encourages future research. By looking at the topic, the reader should be able to guess what the rest of your paper is about. It is very critical to choose a unique and interesting topic if you want to impress your readers. Try to write about something recent, valid, and fresh so that you give value to your readers through your paper.

List of comparison essay topics for students

Below is a list of some interesting essay topics, students can choose for a compare and contrast paper. Remember that these are only for guidelines and you should not use them as is in your paper.

  1. The similarities and differences between mergers and acquisitions
  2. Describe the advantages and disadvantages of buying readymade foods
  3. What is difference between marriages in the European world than that of a western world
  4. Is internet an all rewarding technological advancement or are there any drawbacks
  5. The advantages of social media networks as compared to their disadvantages
  6. Is digital marketing and promotion more important than electronic marketing
  7. Is buying online safer than buying on a physical store
  8. The similarities and differences between teenage and adulthood
  9. The benefits of living in a joint family system versus one unit families
  10. What is better, free range parenting or helicopter parents
  11. Is freelancing a better option than a regular job
  12. Should we only eat protein rich foods or focus more on vegetables and fruits
  13. Drug use vs abuse
  14. Indoor games vs sports
  15. Computers vs books
  16. Math vs arts
  17. O levels vs Matriculation
  18. Teaching vs engineering
  19. Army vs navy
  20. Cricket vs football

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