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A Good Informative Essay Outline For 4th Grade Students: Academic Writing Help

When it comes to writing an informative essay for your school, it is a good idea to have an outline that will help you develop your ideas and get an idea of what you will have to include. Once you replace all of the text in parentheses with your own information, you will have a great outline that you can use. Beef up your outline and you will have a complete essay. You will have half of the paper written already if you use complete sentences in the various sections besides the transition sections where you will only have phrase.

Topic: (this is where you will put the topic that you are going to write about)


Attention Grabber: (this will be an interesting fact that you found during your research)

Background information: (these are the notes that you will add to enhance your readers understanding of the thesis that you will prove)

Thesis Statement: (this is the main point of your paper and what your paper will prove)

Transitional phrase: (this is what you will use to branch to the first body paragraph)



Summary Statement: (this is where you will restate your thesis and main points)

Concluding Remarks: (is there anything interesting that you should tell your audience to leave them thinking about your topic well after they have put it down)

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