How To Come Up With Interesting Essay Topics On The Kite Runner

Kite Runner is a novel by Khaled Hosseini; written in 2003. He is one of the few writers to utilize the dynamic terrains of Afghanistan before it was ravaged in the Taliban war. The book touches your heart as it is closer to your insecurities.

A series of afterthoughts

The book opens up a series of afterthoughts, but the fact remains that most of us may have behaved in the same fashion as Amir, if we would face the situation. This is the beauty of the book. Needless to say, it opens up a box of essay suggestions. Here are 10 essay topics for your perusal –

  1. The day of deliverance – We all keep delaying the date of deliverance in our lives in order to live conveniently in the present. However, a time comes when we cannot delay it any longer.

  2. Returning to childhood – We all yearn to return to childhood but are bound by the vagaries of present life. Yet, there are instances which fetches the past to the present in an untold manner.

  3. Trapped in insecurities – Amir is wealthy while Hassan is poor. Yet, it is Amir who constantly feels insecure and does not have the strength to accept his follies. This is an everyman plot.

  4. Give the devil its due – In the book, Assef tortures Hassan and eventually gets blinded by Hassan’s son Sohrab in an unusual quirk of fate. Evil returns and so does retribution.

  5. It pays to do penance – We all make mistakes; what makes us a Man is our will and dignity to accept that and be prepared for penance. Amir finally settles the score in the book in what is clearly a courageous move.

  6. The right kick – In the book, it is shown that Amir is understood better by Rahim Khan than by his own father. It is thus only fitting that Rahim Khan gives Amir the final trigger.

  7. Valor in courage – The path of courage is hard to take, but as Hassan shows in the book, it is the most illuminating and venerated.

  8. Tracing the roots – This book is also about tracing the roots. We may reach distinct positions in our lives but we shall never forget our beginnings.

  9. Apple does not fall too far from the tree – Sohrab shows in the book how courage is a rather genetic trait.

  10. Growing beyond vision – Amir is continuously scarred by the vision of rape but he finally grows beyond it to help Sohrab. We should also attempt to trace the trans-visual world.