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A List Of Great Leadership Essay Topics For College Students

Leadership is a fantastic topic for discussion in a college essay, but it’s always good to find an angle which is refreshing. The last thing you want is for your professor to feel that she’s reading the same essay hundreds of times.

However, don’t fear! You’ve come to the right place. Leadership is such a broad topic itself that it lends itself to a huge variety of different angles. All you have to do is choose one that you know you can write honestly on. Below you will find a list of topics, all to do with leadership, and also some helpful hints to make sure your essay gets a good grade.

Once you have your topic chosen, follow the tips below to ensure your essay gets graded well:

  1. Research. Spend some time with the appointed readings to really familiarise yourself with your subject matter, but if you want to find something new or different, you will also have to go beyond what’s been prescribed.
  2. Check your surface features (spelling and grammar) and don’t rely solely on computer checks.
  3. Support your point of view with facts and proper referencing.
  4. Present an alternative point of view but make sure you find facts to discredit it.
  5. End on a strong note – write a good conclusion.

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