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How To Make A Thesis Statement For A Rhetorical Analysis Essay

Students usually avoid writing rhetorical analysis essays because they do not really understand how to evaluate whether the author of a particular article, documentary movie, or an artwork managed to make his or her argument. Determining how successful the provided argument is seems to be a hard task. However, there are many effective strategies to write an effective paper.

One of them is focused on how to make a great thesis statement. There are several helpful suggestions that you should keep in mind:

  1. Analyze a chosen work and make your judgment.
  2. Before writing your thesis statement, you should study a chosen subject. If you are writing about a bestseller, you should read it carefully and study some critical reviews. Avoid making judgments based on unreliable sources. It makes sense to visit your school library to find some useful resources there or ask your instructor what online resources are worth using while working on the assignment.

  3. Formulate your main idea as an argument.
  4. A common student mistake is that a thesis contains an observation instead of an argument. Remember that your statement should be arguable. In other words, the readers should be able to disagree with you after reading it. Your task is to convince them that it is true by selecting the right evidence and examples. A rhetorical analysis essay can include quotations from the analyzed text or video as supportive details.

  5. Make your thesis statement a part of an effective introduction.
  6. Your thesis statement should be presented in the first paragraph. There, provide your reader with the context of the paper. No matter how well you have composed your main point, it will sound dull if your introduction does not contain the necessary elements to provide enough information about the topic under the study. So, make sure to mention the author of the analyzed work, its audience, main subject, and the purpose of writing.

  7. Provide a sense of the focus of the paper.
  8. Your thesis statement should focus your writing. Write it down and read it several times. Is it too broad? Can you understand what the essay is about? Make sure to avoid unnecessary details and widely used expressions. Instead, write in your own words and try to express your personal point of view, keeping in mind that the audience might not be familiar with your study topic.

Remember to review your thesis statement after the essay is ready. Your main point should be clear and well-stated. It is fine to re-write it several times until it is persuasive.

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