I Want To Know How To Do My Essay Properly

Read and reread the instructions

  1. Make sure you know exactly what sort of essay you need to produce (Descriptive? Argumentative? Report?).
  2. Make sure that you know how long the easy should be (word count), and what format should you use fro referencing?
  3. Make sure that know when it should be handed in (date).


  1. Finding a topic for your essay may depend on the type of essay you need to produce or the subject you are studying.
  2. If you are unsure, check in with your tutor. They may be able to give you some ideas or give you a list of topics. You can also look online for a list of topics that compliment you subject area and level of study.
  3. You have probably a bit of inspiration by now, and have got several ideas of possible topics. Unless one topic is jumping out at you, get you list and spend a few minutes brainstorming each topic. Which was the easiest to write about? That is the topic for you.

Planning & Research

  1. Plan your time. Make a time table, working backwards from the deadline date. You need o give yourself some time to do the research, produce a draft, read through and edit your work, redraft and proofread.
  2. Start your research. What do you need to know that supports your topic? What do you need to know that will produce a balanced argument to your essay? Make sure you keep a log of the work that you'll be citing in your essay.
  3. Start writing your first draft.

Writing tips

  1. Your essay has an Introductory part, Main and Conclusion. Each paragraph has an Introduction sentence, a main part and a concluding part that leads on to the next paragraph.
  2. Make sure that you balance the information that you provide in your essay and balance your arguments. Make sure that your work follows a logical progression of ideas and it flows well.
  3. Correctly cite and reference your work and make sure that there is a list of references concluding your essay.

Check, Check and Check again

Make sure that you leave yourself enough time to proofread your work and make any changes that you have spotted. When you think you have finished get someone you trust to read through your work to see if they can spot any errors.