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Great Tips And Topics For Writing A High School Essay On Romeo And Juliet

The best way to write a high school essay is to research it. You may have a topic but that does not mean you know much about it. You also have to have a thesis to write the paper. This can be on anything or one on the play. There is more going on than two people falling in love and trying to live happily ever after. There are some very interesting characters and metaphors for certain people and places. This article will give great tips and topics for writing a high school essay on Romeo and Juliet.

  1. Reading the play one cannot compare lifestyles from than till now. I think readers try to get a mindset too quick in a situation such as Romeo and Juliet. There are comparisons that can be made but for most part an open mind will take you further.

  2. Who’s fault is it really that the two young lovers felt they had to go to the ultimate extreme to get their families to understand their love.

  3. Some say that two thirteen year-old children cannot understand or feel what love really is. From the beginning of time to now love has made people do some crazy things. You can talk and theorize as much as you want. The bottom line is love will make a scholar act a fool. When you ask them why they can never really explain. They can just tell you how their love makes them feel.

  4. Is there anything that is stronger than real love? When you hear things like the sun sets and rises to this person. I would walk through the gates of hell for my love. Everything I hear or see reminds me of my lover. I would lay my life down for my love. There is no mountain high enough or valley low enough to keep me away from them. What action can tear that emotion down?

  5. Was the hate for each other’s families blind them to what was really being felt by these two young people? I am careful on how I describe their age. This really did not have much to do with the relationship. It was just one hated family against another.

  6. How does Shakespeare represent the age of the two lovers? Does he feel that it had anything to do with the emotions or outcome?

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