A List Of Creative Position Argument Essay Topics For College

Every student should learn how to write an argument essay. Usually, college students consider it as a rather hard job to do. The main reason for this is that they don’t pay much attention to the topic they select. In truth, you can’t prepare a strong paper if an essay idea that you choose for discussion is boring.

You need to come up with the topical issue to write about. It’s also important for you to be able to develop a creative position and compose solid arguments to support your point of view effectively. Don’t select a general idea; it’s recommended to be specific and write about a singular issue. The following list of creative position argument essay topics is provided in order to help you get inspired and come up with your paper idea:

  1. The end of a privacy era: social media profiles tell everything about their users.
  2. Communication is important: do many people use cell phones while driving?
  3. Feminism in the 21st century: the positive and negative influence on women’s life.
  4. The right to kill: is abortion a murder?
  5. The end of true conversation: communication in social networks becomes more popular than by a cell phone.
  6. Hunting as a hobby: is it good or bad for the ecosystem?
  7. Healthy food: how can we know that the food is healthy?
  8. Alternative energy sources: wind and solar power as affordable energy sources for households.
  9. The marriage age in different countries: should teenage marriages be allowed in the U.S.?
  10. Long distance relationships: why can they last for years?
  11. Recreational drugs: should they be legalized?
  12. Playing video games: positive and negative impact on children’s behavior.
  13. Animal testing: is it a necessary step or savageness?
  14. The role of education: why do people pursue university degrees?
  15. Deforestation in developing countries: economic development vs. environmental protection.
  16. The role of sex education in preventing unplanned pregnancies.
  17. The concept of pacifism: is it the true way to peace on the planet?
  18. The process of globalization; positive and negative effects on local economies.
  19. Cloning and genetic research: ethical issues and unbelievable perspectives.
  20. Greenhouse effect: why is it so important for the environment?
  21. Democracy as the best form of governing.
  22. Religion wars: why do people get involved in religious conflicts?
  23. Freedom doesn’t mean free: why is freedom of speech an illusion?
  24. The question of happiness: why can’t money buy you happiness?
  25. Everybody lies: truthful national history doesn’t exist.