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Crafting A 4th Grade Opinion Essay: An Effective Manual

Writing an opinion essay includes understanding details related to the main idea and what others should know based on your opinion. This paper is written with good details that show you have unique insight on the topic. The paper will state multiple views with each viewpoint being supported with evidence. Many who are given the task to complete a paper of this nature check this website for additional tips and guidance. The following points offer a basic idea of what your paper should discuss and how it should be structured.

The Introduction States Your Opinion

The introduction introduces readers to your main idea. This is also known as a thesis statement or main focus pertaining to your opinion. You will introduce your point of view and give background details to help set the tone. You will have a hook or something to encourage readers to keep reading at the beginning of the paragraph before detailing your thesis statement. Your opinion should be clear and concise.

The Body Paragraphs State Viewpoints, Reasons and an Example

For each body paragraph detailed throughout your paper it should provide supporting evidence for one point. In other words, the paragraphs following your introduction will each discuss a supporting point related to your main idea. This is where you explain why your main idea, opinion or claim is true. Each paragraph should have a topic sentence and explain supporting points with the most important point explained first.

The Conclusion Summarizes and Restates Opinion

The conclusion paragraph is the last paragraph on your paper. It summarizes details explained previously but content is reworded with main idea restated. You highlight each point made including the thesis statement and supporting points from each previous paragraph. This is your chance to stake your claim and support your statement one last time while closing out the topic.

Have an Outline to Help Structure and Organize Opinion Content

Using an outline can help you understand how to write your paper. You can use a template available online or create your own. The idea of an outline is to write down discussion points and organize them by section. Your outline may have three basic sections including introduction, body and conclusion. You are basically creating a writing plan for your paper that helps you complete the writing process easier.

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