4 Little-Know Methods To Come Up With Fresh Essay Topic Ideas

Thinking of a new essay topic is never easy. After writing hundreds of papers throughout their academic career, students eventually run out of things to talk about. If the teacher assigns specific topics, then the class does not have to worry about what to write. When the teacher does not hand out specific topics, they can always use these four techniques to come up with ideas.

Read the Textbook

Obviously, the essay will have to be related to the subject of the class or the things that the student has learned. One of the easiest ways to review the entire semester is to just open the textbook. Students should reread everything that they have learned since the beginning of the semester. As they read, they should jot down ideas for papers that could be interesting. Later on, the student can look up these ideas to see if they would actually work or be as interesting to write as they originally seemed to be.

Look Online for Help

There are numerous websites that cater entirely to writing school assignments. Many of these websites will include lists of topic ideas that students can use. In addition, the website may offer examples of finished papers, writing tips or places where research materials can be found. By using one of these websites, students can get a head start on finishing their assignment.

Check in Academic Journals and Magazines

Academic journals can be found on just about any topic that is taught in the classroom. Within these journals, students will find the latest information, research and ideas. Instead of rehashing an old concept, the student can find a topic that has not been written about yet. In addition, the academic journal can be used as a resource in the student's bibliography and an example of academic writing in practice.


Students should prepare for their brainstorming session by getting out a pen, a piece of paper and a timer. After setting the timer for ten minutes, students should write down as many ideas as they can think of. Even if the idea seems ridiculous or impossible, the student should write it down because they can always erase it later. Sometimes, the best ideas for essays seem ridiculous at first. Once the ten minutes is up, the student can go through everything that they have written down to see if it would work for their class.