How To Find A Proper Reflective Essay Example

What is a reflective essay?

  • With this type of writing, the writer gives their personal opinion, personal view, or personal feelings on a particular subject matter.
  • With the reflective paper, the writer not only discusses what they have learned from the subject matter. But, gives an insider look into the writer’s personal findings and experiences from reading or viewing the subject.
  • This type of paper allows the writer to express themselves and discuss their personal thoughts on the subject.
  • The writing allows the student to discuss what they have learned and gained from reviewing or reading the subject matter.
  • This essay allows one to give their own attitudes, observations, and beliefs regarding the topic.
  • The reflective paper allows the writer to provide information to support their take on the subject.

How to write a good reflective essay?

  • You must ensure that you express your personal thoughts and personal opinion on the topic.
  • The paper should include enough information, supporting facts, and supporting evidence to back-up your viewpoint or perception of the subject matter.
  • The paper has to be very personal and not written in third party tense, but first person tense.
  • The essay should be formatted in the following manner:
    1. Introduction: It includes the thesis statement, supporting statements, and what will be discussed in the paper. Also, gives a brief description of the writer’s perception on the main subject.
    2. Body: Each supporting statement should have its own paragraph and there should be facts and evidence to support each major statement.
    3. Conclusion: Gives a summary of the supporting statements, writer’s perspective on the topic, and ends the essay on a positive note.
  • The reflective paper should be written per the teacher’s instructions and specifications.
  • The essay should cover both the good points and bad points of the subject the student read or viewed.
  • The paper should be written from the heart and one’s personal perspective.

Where to find good reflective essay examples to use as guides in writing one’s own paper?

  • Always go to your professor or teacher for sample papers.
  • The library is the best place to find sample reflective papers on any subject matter or topic.
  • You can always look at old papers you have written for other classes as tools and guides.
  • Another good place to find reflective papers for samples is from classmates or friends.
  • The internet is a good place to find sample reflective papers, but you must ensure that they are of good quality.