Where To Find A Comparative Essay Example: Helpful Directions

If you want to improve your own essay-writing skills, it is a good idea to read over the essays that others have composed. A comparative essay is no different. We will give you some suggestions for where you can go to get comparative essay examples, as well as some tips to keep you on track as you compose your top notch comparative essay.

Let us start with a quick review of the most important elements of an excellent comparative essay. Here are some vital points to keep in mind while you pull together everything that you need to earn an awesome mark on your next paper.

Some Critical Elements For A Killer Comparative Essay

  • The Idea And Essence Of An Excellent Comparative Essay
  • You will be expected to compare and contrast at least two different ideas, theories or positions. The subjects under investigation will differ depending on the course, your instructor, and the latitude that you have been allowed with the assignment. Remember that you need to examine not just the differences, but also the similarities that exist between the issues that are under examination.

  • The Structure Of The Essay
  • Most comparative essays are written using either the alternating method when presenting your arguments and evidence, or the “block” approach. The alternating approach to organizing your essay means that you will identify related points to the two topics being examined, and discuss them one after the other.

For example, if you were writing an essay about how cats communicate as opposed to how dogs communicate. You would compose one paragraph that dealt with “verbal communication in cats”, followed by one about why dogs bark and what they mean when they growl, howl or make other noise. Paragraph three would examine non-verbal communication in cats, and paragraph four non-verbal communication in dogs.

If you were writing you comparative piece using the “block” method of organization, you would deal with all of the data regarding dogs in one part of the essay. In the other half, cats would be examined. Different topics require a different approach. It is a good idea to speak with your course adviser to determine which method is the most effective for your essay.

Where To Look For The Best Sample Essays

  • Ask Your Instructor
  • They will know where you can quickly come up with comparative essay examples that are relevant to your area of study.

  • Search Online Student Support And Homework Help Sites
  • Online resources are easy to access and usually free. Try to keep your search fairly narrow to save you time scanning through the thousands of comparative essay examples the are out there. Fantastic, free, essay examples are out there. Search smart!