A List Of Excellent Persuasive Essay Topics About Drugs

Persuasive or argumentative essay is that kind of writing which is intended to prove that one idea is more rational and logical than the other. It helps to develop a particular point of view in the mind of the readers. When you are given this kind of writing, you need to state facts, provide logical reasons and using examples.

Now, if you are given to compile an argumentative essay on drugs, how will you write it? We recommend this site if you need article ideas on this topic. We have a general conception that doing drugs is a social taboo, and people who take recourse to it must be rehabilitated. But, with a deeper introspection, you will find that social control on doing drugs vary according to society. What is considered forbidden in one country may be legally sold in other countries, and in many countries, they are being prescribed to a certain amount to cure a certain disease.

Let us see how you will compile an article on drugs.

Write an essay on drugs

  1. Begin with a proper introduction on why you have taken up the topic. Start with drug addiction and the consequent drug abuse among the youths which has become a cause of concern for the society. Also, write a bit on why you want to argue on this topic; whether you have found something positive or not.

  2. State the two arguments one after another. Provide relevant evidence and case studies to make them sound more rational and logical. Start the paragraphs with subheadings and use bullet points to write the sentences. This will be easier for the teacher to understand what you have written.

  3. Conclude by summing up the points and maintaining parity between the two arguments. This is to prove that both the arguments are strong and logical from their own standpoint.

List of article topics on drugs

There are a number of argumentative topics on drug abuse. They are as follows:

  1. Is the society responsible for the drug addiction?

  2. Is there are a relation between drug and crime?

  3. Shall the society permit intake of some drugs that have proven to kill cancer cells?

  4. Shall alcohol be declared legal since the states incur so much revenue from their sale?

  5. Is the cinema responsible for spreading drug addiction among the youth?

  6. Drug and the Social Media.

These are some of the topics on drugs you can write about.