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A List of 18 Good Argumentative Essay Topics for High School Students

Argumentative essays are a normal piece of a high school curriculum. These essays teach students how to form opinions, defend those opinions and give a pedestal of confidence for further arguments. Some of the best topics are simple argumentative ideas that can be enhanced with the student’s own opinion on the subject matter. The following topics are simple to adapt to opinion and are a great starting point for high school students to master the art of argumentation. These topics ask important questions regarding ethical issues, gender issues, economics, education, health issues, and technology. Each of these questions allows for discussion on both sides, positive and negative, which teaches a student how to disagree with poise and knowledge.

Ethical Issues

Gender Issues





These topics are a jumping off point to more in-depth topics that can be discussed in the classroom. For beginning argumentative essays, these topics give ample room for research, and these topics are easily found on the internet and in the local library. These topics give insight into the world we have today and can teach more than just the art of the argument. These topics give students the ability to be a part of the future and allow them to form ideas and solutions to the issues that are listed. These essay questions are important in a student’s development and overall culture of the classroom.

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