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Avoiding Common Descriptive Essay Topics For High School Students

Descriptive essays can be freeing. They‘re a great way for writers to stretch their legs and explore topics that affect them personally by describing them in relation to all of the senses. The problem with their popularity is that most of the best topics have been used repeatedly and are no longer even remotely original. Here are some methods you can use to avoid the most obvious topics.

Ask around

Overdone topics will be spoken of frequently. Ask other people in your class what they wrote about most recently and a pattern will begin to emerge. Don’t write anything that resembles the most common ones. This may be difficult but if you persevere you’ll be rewarded.

Search online

Lists are popular and even if you’re accustomed to content about the top ten celebrities you may be able to access a list of the most over utilised descriptive essay topics. If it’s not that easily accessed, just look for descriptive essay topics and pick out the more interesting ones.

Read some texts

Writing texts tend to contain examples of essay topics. Avoid any you find within a book because thousands of diligent students before you will most assuredly have written them all. These should be used only to practice your skills in describing the mundane. You will need to look elsewhere for topics that rivet readers.

Practice writing

The more you write, the easier it is to write unique things. It’s like a muscle in that respect. Write frequently enough and you will easily be able to come up with something unique even under exam conditions.

If you need to see a few interesting descriptive essay topics try the following:

  1. The smell of a new-born calf
  2. The movement of bird of prey going in for the kill
  3. The diet of a non-western consumer in a war-torn region
  4. The great barrier reef as seen from the sky
  5. The physical symptoms of the plague in modern times
  6. The changing concept of beauty
  7. The wind pattern of a hurricane
  8. The taste of blood in the middle of a fight
  9. The sensation of pain
  10. The feeling of rejection

Most of the topics listed deal with feelings rather than senses because new writer tend to gravitate towards describing tangible things. Throw in a few ephemeral concepts and you can really stand out from the herd. Happy writing.

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