15 Excellent Ideas For A Cause And Effect Essay About Smoking

Do you need to write a cause and effect essay about smoking, and are interested in selecting a title. There are a variety of ways that you can select a title, and you can find out how by taking the time to read the rest of the article. You’ll getting the title just right isn’t as difficult as it has to be if you are taking the right approach. Therefore, read the rest of this article so that you can get one step closer to getting the right article:

How to find the title

Here are some pointers for considering the title:

  • Interesting topic: it would be a good idea if the topic you select is of great interest not only to you, but also to the average person on the street.

  • Modern: try to look at the news for stories to do with smoking. Look for something that has occurred in the last few months so that it is a modern and relevant topic.

  • Easy to research: it helps if you can very easily find some good quality facts to present on the topic.

15 unique titles

Here are some titles that you can choose right away:

  1. What are the main causes behind smoking induced cancers

  2. Why do people suffer from negative health symptoms as a result of smoking?

  3. What are the medical reasons behind why people should not smoke

  4. How does passive smoking affect babies

  5. Is passive smoking a bad?

  6. How does passive smoking negatively affect the health of a person?

  7. Is passive smoking worse than smoking itself?

  8. Are electronic cigarettes a good approach to giving up smoking?

  9. What will happen if a person smokes 10 cigarettes per day?

  10. Why is smoking for pregnant women very bad?

  11. Why is giving up smoking so difficult?

  12. What are the roadblocks to giving up smoking?

  13. Will society as a whole ever quit smoking?

  14. Why do people begin to some in the first place?

  15. How can you help a loved one quit smoking?

The titles above are a good place to start, but you could find plenty more if you take the time to think about them.